Organization overwhelm 

By  Karen

Does this ever happen to you? I am currently in that stage. I don't know where to begin. My table is way too covered for any sewing or crafting to be done. I don't even know how to prioritize sorting the things on my table. 

How does it get this way? I try to be organized. I have tried my entire life. I am just not good at it. For all of my intentions, my organization only lasts a short while. This is not my mother's fault, she did try to teach me after all.

One of my earliest memories of doing chores was when I was 6 or 7 and she had me washing dishes. We had a yellow step stool/high chair that I was standing on looking out the kitchen window up to my elbows doing dishes. There were all kinds of games I could play doing those dishes, but mostly, I wanted to be outside on my swing set. Water would pour into the rubber gloves she had me put on. They were way too large for my small hands.. I laugh because the water kept getting cold and she would add more, making it deeper and the gloves take on more water.  I think I stood there for over an hour. If mom had done those dishes, they would have been done in 10 minutes top. She was super fast. Sometimes, I wonder what was mom thinking?

Of course, in today's world it would be cruel and unusual punishment to have a 6 or 7 year old doing dishes. Unheard of actually. Don't we all use dishwashers now?

It still takes me forever to get organized. I get distracted by all the wonderful things I find that I have forgotten I have. Beads, fabrics, patterns, glitter etc. I also need more space, containers, book shelves, etc. to get organized. Let alone making myself take the time to do this overwhelming task. 

So, with you as my witness, I now commit to making myself get organized in front of you. Not quite sure how I will do it. I will peruse the net looking for ideas. I am sure I will get distracted here as well looking at lovely images of super organized and decorated sewing/crafting rooms. One can dream while doing research right? Haha.

This year, I am also committing to begin working on things to completion. I know I am a great starter of projects but not a great completer of them. That is a totally different subject and one to set aside for another day. I won't tell you how many WIP (works in progress) are currently just in my sewing room. They have spilled into a storage room, the hall closet, and the shelves in the garage. EEK!

First task today, maybe a trip to Michael's or Walmart for some more storage containers.


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