10 Lessons For Beginning Quilters

10 Lessons

About this course

In this course you'll learn 10 of the most valuable tips to lock in early in your quilting journey. If you cut corners (pardon the pun) on these you'll likely regret it. I want you to be successful and have fun at the same time. Here's how.

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Why To Get The Best Quality Sewing Machine You Can Afford

Your sewing machine is at the heart of quilting and other craft projects. I'll discuss how to make the best choices for you and why it's so important.

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Change Your Needle Frequently

Needles dull over time. Let's discuss why it's so important to have the sharpest needle possible to have the most successful sewing project.

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Use The Best Quality Lint-Free Thread

Thread comes in various qualities and cheap ones tend to create headaches, not to mention wear on your sewing machine. For the best results, always use top quality thread in all your projects.

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Change Your Rotary Blade More Frequently

Do you want accuracy for a more enjoyable experience? Of course you do. Your cutting accuracy depends on a sharp rotary blade every time.

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Accurate Cutting For Successful Projects

Learning to cut accurately is a skill to be gained and cherished. You've heard that carpenters measure twice and cut once. The same applies to quilting.

In this lesson I'll show you easy-to-learn techniques that will make you a happy maker.

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To Pre-Wash Or Not To Pre-Wash

Fabric behaves differently pre- and post-washing. I'll discuss the pros and cons of each choice.

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Scant Quarter Inch

Some patterns call for using a scant quarter inch seam allowance. This is slightly different than a quarter inch seam allowance. Your project's success will depend on you knowing the difference.

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Clean Your Machine After Every Project

A clean sewing machine makes for smooth function and great results in your projects. In this lesson I'll show you to basics of cleaning your machine between every project.

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Use Good Quality Fabric

Your final project is a collection of fabric, precisely measured and cut, sewn together with quality thread, and designed to last for years of enjoyment and satisfaction. Quality fabric is the heart of your project. Use nothing but the best you can afford for great results.

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Have Fun

If you're not having fun with your projects, you might want to make some corrections. It gets more fun as you gain and improve your quilting skills. But have fun along the journey. Enjoy!